About Cabrera Tennis Club

Cabrera Tennis Club is a fantastic club located up in Cabrera, in the Sierra Cabrera mountain range, with a new AstroTurf court. It has a thriving membership and actively encourages new members from Cabrera and the surrounding area.

All ages and abilities are welcome to play, either privately or at Club Play (see the calendar for further details). Visitors are also welcome to use the court on a pay as you play basis and join Club Play (at a cost of €5 per session, to be paid at the Court).

The Club has a member,  Mike Bear, a retired LTA coach who is more than  happy to help improve your game. Please visit our Coaching page for further details.

Open and closed mixed doubles tournaments are played each year, which become a naturally social event for the calendar.

Want some coaching?

Why not take advantage of the Club’s offer for one free private lesson  when you take out a new membership or since up for private or group sessions on Thursdays before Club Play?

Feel free to drop us a line


Calle de la Fortaleza, 04639 Turre, Almería, Spain

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